Replicant Automation is specialist then it comes to Machine and Process Control Automation.

We are partnering with Beckhoff Automation, MaxSine, Delta, Schneider to give our customers the best technological final products imaginable.

Using exclusively TwinCAT 3 Automation System on Open PC architecture we are able to focus on what is important, no to struggle with Hardware and Vendor locked PLC specification. thus greatly reducing the cost of software development.

PC architecture with Windows itself is opening new area in machine and process automation. by providing out of the box functionality such as Advance Networking, File Sharing, Cloud Connectivity, Web Server,  3D Computer Graphics enabled applications, User Interface in C# programming language and you name it. This brings as closer to IoT and Industry 4 vision .

Besides general automation we are the best in Servo Motion Applications. having out of the box own CNC controller , G-Code Interpreter based machine control solution. Robotics system solution.

We think and implement all motor controls, regardless of it's physical type, as a Servo Controller under PLCOpen Motion type 1 specification. this allows us to later offer upgrade to our customers and possibility to have Motion system replaced to Servo Motion Systems.